July 31, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 30

Day 204
Fox's first playdate

Day 205
I call this his crunchy face

Day 206
Swim class

Day 207
Shopping with my two loves

Day 208
We were hit by a microburst which resulted in a 12hr power outage. Let me just tell you, it's not fun to not have any air conditioning in the summer in Phoenix, especially with a newborn. Our room was around 81 degrees and everyone was miserable. 
We improvised for a while with a battery operated fan, hoping the power would come back on, but finally surrendered after six hours without power (and sleep) and packed up to crash at Rene's house.

Day 209
Fox started to grab toys for the first time on his own and naturally gave them a taste test. 

Day 210
I always joke that my office looks like a daycare these days. It's super stressful to take him to work, keep him happy AND get work done, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 
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