March 23, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 11

Day 71
First Day in Universal Studios, FL. Harry Potter World was my favorite, such a cool experience!

Day 72
I think Jurassic Park was Katie's Favorite!

Day 73
We spent our last day having lunch on the City Walk right in front of the Park and they filmed "Extra" with Mario Lopez right in front of us!

Day 74
Finally reunited with our sweet boy, we missed him so much while we were gone!

Day 75
Fox found his little baby jumper at Aunt Ashlie's House and thought it was the most hilarious thing to jump like a crazy fool in there. 

Day 76
Waving hi to the goats at the petting zoo!

Day 77
Ice Cream Dates are our favorite! Whenever I ask him if I can have a bite, he agrees and hands over his cone, but the minute I take a bite, he gets so sad and's pretty funny!

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