March 18, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 10

Day 64
I had to work long, so Hannah took Fox to swim class and I met them there after work! Katie said this picture looks like he is crying, but it was pure joy!

Day 65
That little guy next to me is almost two! Can you believe it?

Day 66
Ice Cream Date with Hannah after the Splash Pad while we were working the Show.

Day 67
Family Day at the Park

Day 68
I had the morning off, so I was able to take Fox to his soccer class that morning. I love when I get to do these kind of things with him! It was fun seeing my friend Kristy and Fox's buddy Jake there!

Day 69
Train Park Fun!

Day 70
I took Fox to Gymboree that morning and he was so cute counting down to three with his fingers before jumping off this mat. 
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  1. War Hannah schon mal AuPair in Amerika vor einigen Jahren? Sie erinnert mich total an eine Hannah, die ich damals zu meiner Zeit in Amerika (2010-2011) kennengelernt habe.

    1. Ja, sie war 2011 in Boston Au Pair. Warst du auch in Boston?

    2. Nein ich war damals in der Nähe von San Francisco, ich hatte mit ihr kurzen E-Mail-Kontakt, warum weiß ich aber nicht mehr (naja, wahrscheinlich über so eine Kontaktliste von der Agentur).
      Ist sie wieder mit einer Agentur in den USA, oder wie habt ihr sie gefunden?

    3. Durch eine Au Pair Agentur! :)


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