October 25, 2015

Mac Donald Pumpkin Patch

Last week, Fox and I met some friends at another Pumpkin Patch. We took the boys there last year, but they were itty bitty and couldn't really do anything, so it was a lot of fun this year, seeing them run around and experiencing it all! 

This tractor was probably the highlight of Fox's day!

Taking the train to the Pumpkin Patch

I'm not a big fan of the "Pumpkin Patches" we have around Phoenix. We've been to three different ones so far and none of them actually had a field of pumpkins, where you could pick your own. Maybe that's an Arizona thing and my expectations are too high! :)

The weather was perfect! I remember melting last year and on this day, it was really cloudy and actually pretty cool out! 

His face kills me! Just for the record, he asked to sit up there...lol

Sharing pumpkins! I love these boys, there were born five days apart. 

I remember seeing this hay maze last year and imagined how Fox would run around in it this year. Turns out, he didn't really know what to do and just stood there...haha. Maybe he'll have fun with it next year!

I'm in love with this picture! How cute are they? 
We had a really fun afternoon! 
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  1. Aww such cute pictures!! I think that Mortimer Family Farms up in Dewey (about 1.25 hours away) have a pumpkin patch... a little better than the desert ones, I think :)


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