July 14, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 27

 Day 183
Fox loves Frida, Matthias' sister! Every day, he would stand in front of her room waiting for her to come out and if she didn't, he would bang on the door! Not only that, but he would throw a huge fit when we would take him away from the door. Haha. His first love! 

Day 184
Dinner with Katie's mom. Going out to dinner with Fox becomes more and more of a challenge, maybe we'll try again when he's three! ;)

Day 185
Fox had his first tortilla chip and loved it! He also loves his aunt Ash!

Day 186
A boy and his dog!

Day 187
And another one...he is always so proud of himself when he pets Cosie!

Day 188
Playdate with his friend Matthew, these boys are trouble! 

Day 189
 Preparing for our first official Bunco Night at our house!
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  1. Cute, maybe she can come back and be your Au Pair some day ;)


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