December 23, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 51

Day 351
Pediatrician Appointment to get his second half of the flu shot. Last month he got a fever from it, but luckily was fine this go around. He weighed 17lbs, 4oz! 

Day 352
We might have slacked on folding the laundry for a week or two...eeks! It was a long night catching up!

 Day 353
Christmas Lunch with the Staff. Since Fox spent half of his life in the office as well, he was invited too! Katie posted this picture to facebook, followed by the one below!

I especially like Robert at the head of the table!

Day 354
Dinner with our favorite still blows my mind that he is big enough to sit in a high chair!

Day 355
Fox LOVES Zuma! He just starts laughing any time he sees him.

 Day 356
Katie sent me this video while I was at work. Love these two!

Day 357
Lunch with our friend Cattin, who was visiting from Texas! She told us that she might move back to Phoenix next year, which would be so awesome! We loved seeing her and catching up!
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