December 19, 2014

Fox | 7 Month Update

17lbs, 4oz.

27.25 inches


For the first time, Fox got sick after last month’s shots. He had a 102 fever and was just not himself, very cuddly and sleepy. Thankfully it went down after 12 hours with the help of some baby Tylenol.


Big Honey, Baby Honey, Bubba, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Sweet Boy


He’s nursing every 3-3.5 hours during the day (or gets a bottle with breast milk). We started solids this month and it hasn’t been too fun for any of us so far. We tried oatmeal first, but he immediately got a reaction from it, so we stopped and let it clear up. We started up again the day after Thanksgiving and tried green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and banana so far. He loves bananas and is okay with carrots, but hates everything else. Most food he spits (sprays) out immediately or turns his head away. It’s a mess. I thought he would get the hang of it after a few days, but it’s been over two weeks and feeding time is not something I look forward to. We are thinking about doing baby led weaning instead of purees (so far we made our own baby food), because he likes to be in charge and loves when we give him a big piece of banana to chew on. I hope it’ll get easier soon.


Fox got his first tooth on November 25th, followed by his second only a few days later (both on the bottom). I knew something was up because he kept crying in the middle of the night and the only thing that calmed him down was to nurse him. A few days after his first two teeth came through, he started teething again, this time with a top tooth (not one of the middle ones though, it’s the one next to them). That one was rough on him and we had some pretty bad days and even worse nights. It’s finally through, but we’re thinking he’s getting a few more, because we can already see them under his gums!


He usually wakes up around 6:30-7am and still goes to bed between 6:30-7pm. This last month was rough because of his teething, he’s been up every 1.5-2 hours at night and will not calm down, unless I nurse him. Sometimes he goes back to sleep if I flip him on his side, but generally speaking, it’s been a pretty bad month sleep wise.

Naps are still hit or miss, nothing consistent. He takes two naps a day, between 30 minutes and 2 hours (very rarely) each. 

Still in size 2. We’re trying to use what we have and then will transition into 3’s when we’re out.


6-month clothes and a few 9 month outfits.


He became very attached to me and Katie in the last month. He gets easily overwhelmed when there are too many people or babies around and starts fussing and will try to get back in our arms.

He’s still acting shy and hides his face in our shoulders when people approach him, but then immediately turns back to smile at them.

He’s giggling all the time and belly laughs as well! We love to hear his sweet little voice!

He had a little separation anxiety this month when he went over to his friend’s house where we were supposed to start a nanny share. He cried for hours and hours while I was gone and would not calm down until I came back to pick him up (more on that later). 
Looking at himself in the mirror (he smiles at himself SO big!), chewing on his fingers, putting everything in his mouth, music and dancing, standing (he makes his body super stiff when you try to sit him down, just so he can stand), his pacifier, being outside, riding in his stroller, other babies, when we make loud sounds that surprise him (like “boo”, sneezing, etc.), counting to three (he gets really excited in anticipation!), sleeping on his side, his jumperoo and walker, water bottles (he actually takes them out of my hand when I carry him and a bottle at the same time!), our dogs (especially Zuma), bath time, being carried around, having his mommies attention, bracelets, pulling hair, watching videos of himself giggle (it’s hilarious, he will smile the biggest smile towards the video and is mesmerized…it’s an awesome tool during car rides when he gets mad!), sleeping in his mommies bed, the song “skid a ma rinky dink”, kisses, the video grandma Sandie recorded for him (she is singing a special song for him and recorded it when he was sick to make him feel better ), blow dryers (he is mesmerized!), bananas, chewing on ice cubes in his mesh feeder


The Sun (he sneezes and it makes him mad when it shines in his face), Naps, being in his car seat for long periods of time, tummy time, laying down, being held like a baby, being away from his mommies, food
Seeing my little boy grow up is bittersweet. I love the stage he is in right now and he’s so much fun to be around, but on the other side, I just want him to stay little forever.

I started working full time on December 1st. The nanny share we started was canceled after one short week, because Fox was not having it and it was too much for the nanny to care for two crying babies. Luckily, Grandma Rene’ was able to step in and has been watching him every day. He cried for four days straight and has been fine ever since. I was a mess those days where I knew he was crying, I just wanted to turn around, scoop him up and quit my job. I’m so glad he’s doing better now.


I never think it’s possible, but every month I feel like she loves him more than the month before. Multiple times a day she will ask me: Don’t you just love him? Or just state: I just love this baby! She loves the stage he is in right now too, because he is interacting with us more and more.

Fox continues to think, that she is pretty much hilarious and oftentimes can’t stop giggling when she just looks at him. They will sit and just talk to each other, they have their private conversations.

Fun things we did:

We went to Mexico for Thanksgiving, attended a Holiday Party with his baby friends, went to see Santa three times and looked at Christmas lights!


Getting his first three teeth (fourth one is coming in too!), rolling from back to stomach, rolling all over the place, pulling himself up by himself

What we’re looking forward to:

Fox’s first Christmas, going for a long weekend to Alaska to visit Katie’s family after Christmas, getting better at eating solids and many 1st birthday parties for his friends in the next month!

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  1. Our saving grace with teething was an amber necklace & this stuff called Camilia (I could only ever find it at Walgreens or online) follow the box directions for peaceful nights. They both really worked for us, the Amber took a week or so to kick in.
    The crying would do me in too, that s so tough! I'm glad he is transitioning well now :)


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