July 17, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 28

Day 190
First Time in his Bumbo…still a little wobbly.

Day 191
There's nothing better!

Day 192
First Swim Class

Day 193
Painting Pottery with Katie and my au pairs (Fox was sleeping, but contributed later by letting us paint his feet! :))

Day 194
We went to see the World Cup Finale with some friends. Unfortunately, those crazy soccer fans yelled way too loud and scared Fox, so we left early and finished watching the game at home, followed by dinner with Rene' and Patrick.

Day 195
Some days, this is the only way I get any work done! It's my "go to" when he's fussy and I tried everything else…works like a charm every time.

Day 196
This kid stole my heart!

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