May 25, 2014

Our hospital stay

Here are some pictures from our hospital stay, Fox's visitors and us going home!
The time in the hospital seems like a big blur to me. We had a ton of visitors and doctors coming in and out every day, and didn't get to sleep during the day (or at night for that matter), so we felt pretty much out of it during our entire stay. 
After three days, we were so ready to sleep in our own bed again, without nurses coming in every two hours to check my vitals. 
One of the nurses commented how great Katie was and that she hasn't seen such an awesome partner in all the time she's been working there. She said that the partners usually sleep and are not very involved or helpful, especially at night. I know I'm really lucky to have her by my side and helping me the way she did (and still does each day!). 

Celebrating his Birth Day!

His first bath!

Hearing Test, he passed!

Our room


My two favorite people!

Foot Prints for the baby book!

Going home!

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  1. Honestly, most newborns aren't all that cute but he is sooooo adorable! Congrats! Enjoy every second :)


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