November 28, 2016

The Rest of Fall

Halloween seems so far away already and yet, I have failed to blog about the rest of October. 
The month seemed to have flown by and we were constantly doing something, so when it came to an end, I was ready to slow down.
We attended a Halloween Hot Air Balloon Festival one weekend in October. We had never been, but received free tickets through work and Fox couldn't have loved it more. Bounce Houses Galore, Trick or Treating, staying up past his bedtime and fireworks...what's not to love?

He even got to ride in his first Hot Air Balloon!

And before we knew it, it was time to carve pumpkins! We always carve them as close to Halloween as possible, since they don't last very long in the Arizona Heat.
Just as last year, Fox wasn't a fan and didn't like the hair in the pumpkin or getting dirty. He is my child after all!

Katie took one for the team and finished the job!

All Halloween Day Fox had told me that he was going to be Waldo, but right before we went Trick or Treating, he changed his mind and wanted to be "Catboy". He was so proud to show grandpa his costume!

Before every house, he announced who he was going to ring the doorbell with and 9 out of 10 times, grandpa was the obvious choice!

He had so much fun and watching him experience this just made my heart burst with happiness!

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