May 30, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 21

Day 141
My sweet wife surprised me with this bracelet! The front shows the coordinates of the place we first met and the back says "I choose you...Always!" Love this (and her) so much!

Day 142
We went to Cameron's second birthday party and Fox had some food on his face, so his friend Aria came to the rescue and wiped it for him! She was very determined and it was so sweet!

Day 143
We went to a play place with Katie's family and Fox had so much fun driving the boats there and jumping on the big trampoline!

Day 144
Playdate with his friend Lucy!

Day 145
After his nap, I took him to the trampoline park, because he has been asking for it for a week straight. He had a blast and it was probably the first time ever that he was excited to leave the house when I asked him if he wanted to go. Usually the answer is always: "No, stay home. Play at the house!"

Day 146
Our friend and co-worker Sandi gave Fox his first big boy bike! He is still a little short for it, but he had so much fun riding it in the house (well, me pushing him around the house). 

Day 147
I took him to Gymboree and he really came out of his shell that day, just doing his own thing, listening to the teacher. I was so proud! And here is a video of them doing the "Freeze Song". 

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