January 31, 2016

Two moms and a Camera (Valentine's Pictures)

Katie often makes fun of me because I go to so much effort for the perfect picture. From getting props, building or crafting them, finding the perfect outfit, finding locations and dragging my supplies there, and not to forget, the patience it takes to have my little model sit still long enough to capture his perfect smile. 

One of the reasons I love my friend Kristy is, that she is just as crazy as I am. Leave it to her to build a "Kissing Booth" for Valentine's Day, having the perfect professional photography backdrop for every holiday there is and she's my Idol when it comes to Christmas Cards, she always goes all out and just gets me. 

Jake and Fox are six weeks apart and we've done a few photo shoots in the past...which just reminds me, that I still haven't posted the Christmas Pics we took of the boys! We both have no idea what we are doing with the camera, but that doesn't stop us from trying. 
This shoot left us moms exhausted and drenched it sweat. Our boys must have made a pack to not give us a single smile, no matter how silly we acted in the middle of a golf course. (Disclaimer: It was after hours, so no flying golf balls were hitting our babies!)
Kristy lives right by the golf course and it was just gorgeous there. I wish I had such beautiful grass at my fingertips for pictures each and every day. 

See what I mean? No smiles. But he's cute nonetheless. 

A sweet lady who works for the golf course kept driving by in her Golf cart to watch us struggle and offered to take a group picture!

The boys had a blast running up and down the hills of the golf course, we brought some golf clubs and balls for them and Fox thought it was the best thing ever!

There's that smile! 

And here is said Kissing Booth. I still can't believe she built that! You might remember it from our Valentine's pictures last year! 
None of the pictures turned out, so this is the best we got. 

I kind of love this picture, because of the boo boo lip. He was upset, because Jake accidentally fell on him and his feelings were hurt. My sensitive boy!
While we didn't get a picture perfect shot, we had a fun afternoon. Time to plan St. Parick's Day Pics! Just kidding...okay, kind of. ;)
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