January 29, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 3

Day 15
Show Week continued...Fox's other set of grandparents watched him for the day and these are the kind of pictures they send us! Fox's favorite...Ice Cream! I'm not really surprised he didn't take a nap that day! ;)

Day 16
All aboard! Fox loves riding the train in the mall!

Day 17
This is the only picture I got from that day...ha! That's me in a Ski Jacket (it was freezing) on top of a motor home shooting pictures of one of our features at the Show! I'm glad I didn't break my neck, because it had rained the night before and it was super slippery up there!

Day 18
I love these two boys! Grayson is Fox's best friend, he asks for him all the time and his mom Lindsi happens to be my best friend! We had so much fun playing together that afternoon!

Day 19
I took Fox to Gymboree after work to get some energy out! 

Day 20
Fox hasn't been taking naps lately, which results in him being overtired at night and having really bad night terrors, where he just screams and screams, but is still deep asleep. I took this picture after he finally calmed down. My poor boy!

Day 21
We spent the afternoon with our friends Kristy and Jake, taking the boys' Valentine's pictures! Let's just say both moms were drenched in sweat afterwards and I don't think we got a single smile! (I still have to look through them)
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