December 27, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 51

Day 351
Christmas Lunch with the Staff

Day 352
Fun Afternoon at the Children's Museum with a Fox and Liam (My co-worker's grandson who I watched this week)

Day 353
We met our friend Kristy and her son for dinner, Christmas Lights and (fake) snow that night.

Day 354
Fox's grandparents joined us at the Train Park and we all met up with Ashlie and Brad afterwards for dinner.

Day 355
He's the best gift ever!

Day 356
Beautiful Sunset in our neighborhood

Day 357
This boy loves his balls! These days, he insists on sleeping with at least one every night! 

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  1. Ihr lebt in einer wunderschönen Umgebung :)


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