August 14, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 29

 Day 197
We have a wild one on our hands. This kid always sports a bruise or in this case, a fat lip. All boy!

Day 198
Worst passport picture ever! We were so excited to get his first passport in the mail though! Luckily we'll get another chance for a better picture for his german passport. 

Day 199
I remember a few months ago, I worried that Fox wasn't interested in books at all. I've read to him since he was itty bitty, but he was always too busy to sit down and read with me. 
Now, he can't get enough of books. Always picking his favorites from the bookshelf and backing up into our laps so we can read to him. I love it!

Day 200
We had a ton of leftover flowers and plants from our Home Show, so we all took some home!

Day 201
I'm not a gardener at all, so this was the best shovel I could find to plant my flowers...haha. I'm sad to say that everything died already...I told you wasn't a gardener! 

Day 202
I made a little snack box for the airplane for Fox. He loved it and it kept him busy for such a long time, just opening and closing the compartments and choosing (and eating) his snacks!

Day 203
Travel day! Fox had fun at the playground in the Chicago airport, here he is calling Mommy! He was obsessed with this phone and it was so funny, when we went back to the playground on our way back two weeks later, he immediately ran back to the phone, he totally remembered it!
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  1. Baby passport pictures are so funny! We took Grace to British Columbia when she was 2 1/2 and her picture looked like a prison photo, ha! I love the snack box. What a great idea!


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