August 29, 2015

Fox | 15 Month Update

21.12lbs (35%)

31 inches (43%)

Besides a pretty bad diaper rash, he has been healthy as can be!  

Big Honey, Bubba, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle

This month was the worst! We went to Germany for two weeks and I was so worried he was starving himself. That kid would not eat anything. Wouldn’t even touch his regular favorites. It was really bad and stressful.
Luckily, everything went back to normal instantly, once we got home and he’s been eating great ever since. Still not a fan of trying new things (unless we’re at Costco and he will eat all the samples he can get his hands on…haha).    
No new teeth this month, still at 12 teeth total.   
Again, being in Germany threw everything off. He slept so badly, I felt like I had a newborn all over again. His naps were fine (2-3 hours), but he wouldn’t go to bed until 11pm and most nights we were up for hours due to jet lag. Once we got back home, it still took a while for him to get back on track. 

Size 4

12-18 months
A lot like last month! This boy definitely knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He is stubborn like his Mama and recently started to throw tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants.
He has also been super attached to me and cries every time I leave the room. He acts shy sometimes, especially when we’re in a group class like gymboree. He loves to give kisses to his stuffed animals and is so sweet to them. We love this age, he’s so fun!

Dog, Cat, More, Ball, Danke (the german word for Thank you), Done, All done, Nein Nein (No No), bye bye

Music and dancing (his favorite song is “Hoppe Hoppe Reiter” – german song), being outside, other babies and children, sleeping on his side and stomach, Cosie, bath time, having his mommies attention, watching videos of himself, bread with hummus, cell phones and remotes, playing peek-a-boo, Roomba (vacuum robot), his stuffed animals, shaking his head (like he’s saying “no, no, no”), opening cabinets and drawers, his play kitchen, looking at pictures of Katie, me and himself on our picture wall, toy lawn mower, our vacuum cleaner, Baseball bats, play phones, playing soccer, riding and sitting in his cozy coupe, being independent, steps/stairs, drinking out of a straw, the Children’s Museum , the Aquarium, playing hide and seek under our kitchen table, when his Mommies come home from work, Open Play at Gymboree, Flowers (he asks to smell them), reading books, his Uncle Maurice, carousels on the playground, petting zoo, sandbox, tricycle, balls

When we take something away from him, changing his diaper or getting dressed (basically anything where he is restrained), putting lotion on after his bath, car rides, most food, kisses from our dog Cosie (I don’t blame him, he never quits!), when we leave in the morning, being held, when his Mama left his side (he was very attached this month!)
Fun things we did: 
This boy is still really busy while we’re at work: Story Hours at the Library, Baby Dance, Children’s Museum, Aquarium, Gymboree, Play Dates, Splash Pads…you name it, he’s doing it.
We went on his first trip to Germany where he had a lot of fun playing with cousins, playing soccer with his Uncle Maurice and visiting a lot of playgrounds. 

He’s learning so much these days. He understands a lot of things, especially when I tell him in german  (Katie always says that he understands more German than English, which I think is also true, but only because Katie speaks german as well when she knows the german word or sentence).
He learned so many funny quirks this month, like saying “Ahhh” after he takes a drink, closing his eyes really slowly when you wink at him (like he’s trying to do it too) and making this really funny surprise face and sound, with his mouth wide open, whenever he thinks something I really cool! This had been my favorite month so far! He’s so funny and he knows it!
What we’re looking forward to: 
Getting back to our regular routine, having playdates with our friends, a first birthday party and we’re already looking forward to FALL!

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