July 29, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 28

 Day 190
Our first Bunco Night was so much fun! Katie and I have been trying to get a Bunco group together forever and we finally made it happen! We can't wait for next month!

Day 191
Katie put Fox to bed that night and they had the sweetest conversation. He's a funny dude!

Day 192
We went to the Butterfly Wonderland with our friends from Tucson. Notice the little butterfly on his arm!

Day 193
A few of my friends came over and we sewed some teepees for the babies. This one is my friend Lindsi's teepee, I still have to finish Fox's.

Day 194
My friend Alison came over with her kids (Owen didn't want to be part of the picture! ;))

Day 195
Fox loves this teddy that my grandma made for him!

Day 196
Poor baby fell on his face and smacked his lip open. He was holding on so tightly to his bottle, even though he was fast asleep.
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