June 28, 2015

Fox | 13 Month Pictures

 Fox is 13 months old! 

Obviously, I'm way late with this post, but better late than never. Here's what Mr. Fox was up to during his thirteenth month of life!

For his first birthday, he received a small orange tree from his great-grandparents. They came over one afternoon to help him plant it and showed him how to water it. 
This experience must have been very special to him, because he remembers exactly what to do and drags his watering cans to the orange tree regularly and pretends to water it.

Also for his 1st Birthday, he received this 4-Wheeler from his grandparents. It's battery operated and Fox knows exactly how to push the button to get it to move. It's one of his favorite toys!
He is a little daredevil though, riding it backwards & standing up and on one leg!

We went to the Butterfly Wonderland one weekend, it's a huge atrium with literally thousands of butterflies, it's just beautiful!




Another weekend favorite: The Children's Museum!




One afternoon after work, I made some edible finger paints to let Fox draw on a canvas. It didn't keep his attention for very long, but his canvas turned out beautifully and we'll try again in a few months.






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