January 25, 2015

Weekend Re-cap!

 After each Home Show, we get a 3-day weekend. Of course, it went by just as fast as any other weekend, but we had a lot of fun!

On Friday, my friend Julia came up from Tucson for the day. We met 13 years ago, when we were both au pairs in Rhode Island, taking care of other people's children. And here we are, once again living in the same state, with our own children playing together. Surreal! It's always great to see her and I'm so glad to still call her my friend after all these years! 
We went to lunch and then to the train park, where Fox had his very first train ride. 

Followed by the first time on a carrousel. 



The next day, we went to a first birthday party for Fox's friend Braxdon. 
Fox and London were cuddling for a split second. 

A few of the boys and their Mamas!


 Today, we dropped off Fox for a few hours at Aunt Ashlie's house and Katie and I ventured out to IKEA to buy a couch for the playroom.

After we picked up Mr. Fox, we went to the Zoo!
He was more interested in eating the straps of his stroller than looking at the animals! 

Nom Nom Nom

Making friends with a snake.

 We had a great weekend! Is it Friday yet? :)
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