January 29, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 4

 Day 22
After every Show, the boss, aka Katie, takes the entire staff to lunch. It's Fox's last month in the office and although he didn't work at the Show, he was invited as well! ;)

Day 23
Julia came from Tuscon to meet Mr. Fox, we all had a lot of fun! 

Day 24
Happy 1st Birthday Braxdon!

Day 25
Eating bananas...his favorite! Nom Nom Nom

Day 26
Grandma sent us this picture while she was babysitting. This boy loves to feed himself!

Day 27
Uncle Robert and Fox took selfies at work, they love each other!

Day 28
 Another day at the office, at least once a day, Robert will snatch Fox to play with him. On this particular day, they practiced walking. This boy is on the move, he'd walk everywhere if we would let him!
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  1. That smacking is too cute! But I and E agree. Bananas are YUMMY!


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