January 24, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 3

 Day 15
Fox spent the day with grandpa, while we were at work. Looks like they wore each other out!

Day 16
Sleeping in style at grandpa's house again! Nikki sent me this picture at work and apparently he slept almost two hours like this. 

Day 17
Another fun day with grandpa!

Day 18
 Rodney and Nikki took Fox to his first Auto Show.

Nikki and Fox, picking out his first car. 

I have no idea who this is, Rodney told me it was someone from the Show Orange County Choppers?


Day 19
Love my boy!

Day 20
Eating his breakfast while watching "The Price is right" with Mommy.

Day 21
My whole world!
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