January 18, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 2

 Day 8
Our Boy is growing up! Pulling himself up...we're in trouble!

Day 9
We have the best co-worker. Seriously the best! We were all still sick and stayed home and got a text message around lunch time from our sweet friend Sandi, she dropped off some lunch for all of us in front of our house! So incredibly sweet and thoughtful!

Day 10
Happy Boy in his new high chair. 

Day 11
Conked out after a walk. 

Day 12
Playing in the office with his "Employee of the Month" Statue that he stole from mommie. 

Day 13
Setting up for another Home Show.

Day 14
 Second day of Set up... some of us were working hard...some weren't...haha!
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