May 09, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 18

Day 120
He loves to be silly! I wonder where he gets that from??? ;)

Day 121
He also loves Superheroes lately and was in heaven with this handmade cape and you call them glasses? Clearly, I need to shape up with my superhero language with this little boy in my house!

Day 122
Our company hired Tarek and Christina from HGTV's Flip or Flop for our Home Show and we got to take some pictures before their presentation! 

Day 123
This guy melts my heart! I asked him if he liked my food (in german) and his reply made my entire year. Such a sweet soul! I hope he will always appreciate the food we make for him! Wishful thinking...ha!

Day 124
Picking out a faucet and sink with my favorite girl! We have such different taste sometimes, but we were in and out of the showroom within 30 minutes. One more month until demo begins...eeks!

Day 125
Hannah loves Star Wars and was so happy to "match" with Fox for May 4th (which apparently is Star Wars Day?)

Day 126
We took a little road trip to Katie's grandparents house in Mexico. Seriously, I never saw Fox smile bigger or squeal louder, he LOVED the ocean! 

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  1. Superfooooooox! Ein richtiger Held.. :) Soo coole Bilder und er sieht so gl├╝cklich aus!


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