April 10, 2016

Easter 2016

Even though this was Fox's second Easter, it felt like his first.
Last year, he was too small to hunt for Easter eggs or dye Easter eggs, so it was really fun to do these things with him this year.

Easter Saturday we went to a big Easter Festival with Katie's parents. We went there last fall for the Pumpkin Patch and Fox had a blast on the big Air Pillow, back then, and now!

They had two Easter egg hunts, one for kids one and younger and one for the older kids. The age span was perfect, since Fox was one of the oldest kids in his group, but he gets very timid and shy in a crowd, so not having a bunch of older kids run him over was perfect. 

He was done after about six eggs and we left to go to Katie's parents house, where the Easter Bunny had left a basket for him!

After we rested and played for a little bit, it was time to color eggs!
...notice the plastic Halloween Table Cloth...haha!

He was interested, but not very into it...maybe next year! 

The next Morning, the Easter Bunny made a stop at our House as well!
Fox got some Easter books, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a new swim hat, "Sophia the First" Silverware (he loves that Show), a new Puzzle, Yogurt Melts, an Easter plate and Bath Crayons. 

After breakfast, we headed out to a local Resort for their "Easter Eggstravaganza".
It was really hard to get those tickets and looking back, I wish we hadn't gone.
It was crowded, the line to get in was about a mile long and as I mentioned before, Fox does not like crowds. The Easter Egg Hunt for the small kids was for kids 4 and younger...Fox didn't even have a chance.

He was so overwhelmed and scared, he hung to my hand almost the entire time.

Again, he was more than happy with the five or so eggs that he collected and enjoyed opening them. The good part of the event was, that they didn't put candy in the eggs, they filled them with little toys and stickers instead. 

They did have a bouncy house that Fox loved and he spent about 30 minutes happily jumping before he got kicked out because apparently he was in there too long. He was also very excited to meet his friend Matthew there and they jumped together for a while.

Attempt of a Family Selfie....Fox was not into it! 

That afternoon, we went to Katie's mom's house.

He is really into golfing lately and loves the little putting green at Rene's House. 

We played outside for most of the afternoon, golfed, collected eggs, did sidewalk chalk and jumped into the sand, until this happened...
Fox loves the pool! We go swimming once a week, but haven't been in our pool yet, because it is still on the chilly side. Rene's pool wasn't different, but he could've cared less, he had the time of his life jumping in and splashing around!

And that wraps up a fun Easter weekend with our favorite little guy! 

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