December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree...

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Fox was like a dream come true for me. I pictured this moment for years and for two minutes it was everything I imagined and more. But just for two minutes. 
Until Fox realized that most of the ornaments looked like balls and did what he knew to do with balls. Throw them, kick them, slam them to the get the picture! 

Man, I realized instantly how easy we had it last year, with a 7 month old who didn't crawl yet! :)

Needless to say, Katie and I finished up the tree while he was playing with some real balls, but we enjoyed doing this as a family, even though it was short lived. 
Maybe next year he'll know to leave the tree alone. It's been a week and while the tree is still standing, we lost a few ornaments in the process, but that's okay. For the most part, he leaves the tree alone, but is really proud to show it off to everyone who comes to our house! 
I love this time of year so much and experiencing it with a child is so magical and special.
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  1. Schoener Artikel. Mit Kindern ist Weihnachten viel schöner.

  2. We have childproof and petproof ornaments! 😂

  3. Dein neuer Blog Banner ist ja wunderhuebsch! Du machst echt super Fotos.

    Unser Baum steht seit gestern Abend, heute morgen kam sie ins Wohnzimmer, ich erwartete ihr uebliches 'WOW' als Reaktion, aber irgendwie ist sie sich noch nicht sicher, was sie von dem leuchtenden Etwas halten soll


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