December 09, 2015

Fox | 18 Month Pictures

You might have noticed that I'm super behind with my blogs, so these were taken between middle of October and middle of November, Fox's 18th Month of Life!

I still love taking his monthly pictures, well let me rephrase that, I dread taking them, but I love HAVING them! :)
These were the easiest yet. I put up the backdrop, he ran over and sat down and said "Cheese"! Done! 

This kid loves swinging lately!

Mr. Attitude

Best Buddies! He loved this skeleton in our front yard and was really disappointed when it wasn't there anymore after Halloween. 

I just had to....don't judge! ;)

Carving pumpkins with Mommy!

He was actually really grossed out and scared of it and didn't want to have anything to do with the pumpkin, after Katie cut it open. 

Loves driving the car!
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