September 03, 2015

Fox | 15 Month Pictures

 Some random pictures that haven't made the blog from Fox's 15th Month! 
Yep, still going strong on my weekly (now turned monthly) photo project! I wonder how long he will let me do!

I mentioned before, that some of my friends and I got together a few weeks ago to sew teepees for the kids. This is Fox's finished Teepee, of course, we had to go with a patriotic theme! We still need a small carpet for it. I love how it turned out!



He is obsessed with his train table! I admit, when we received this as a gift for his birthday, I wondered where in the world we would put it because it's so big and we didn't want it in the living room. Of course, that's where it ended up, but it's been the best gift ever. He loves it! 


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