July 04, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 25

Day 169
Fox helped us with a little 4th of July project. Getting his feet on the canvas was easy, but his hands were a whole different story! Oh well, we still love it and it will be up for many 4th of July's to come! 

Day 170
We met one of our friends at the Aquarium. That place is just awesome, the boys could run around while us moms were catching up! Fox always gets so excited when we're there!

Day 171
We went to Fox's friend Miranda's 1st Birthday party at Imagination Avenue. The place was a kid's dream come true, but unfortunately a mom's worst germy nightmare. A few of the kids in our group got sick afterwards, so we won't be going back. We had a fun time celebrating our friend though and Fox loved cruising around with his buddies Cameron and Jake in the Cozy Coupes. 

Day 172
This boy loves his stuffed animals. He always shares them with us too, so we can hug on them and kiss them, which makes him oh so happy! 

Day 173
My mom's birthday gift finally arrived in the mail and she sent me this picture! She was so happy about the blanket with all of Fox's weekly pictures.

Day 174
We explored a new splash pad in our neighborhood. 

Day 175
Fox loved this little kiddie pool in our backyard. Our co worker Joelle gave it to him for his birthday and he's obsessed!
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  1. What a great birthday gift for your mom! Love the splash pad pictures. :)


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