May 05, 2015

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend, but I loved every minute of it!
We had a three day weekend, so I took advantage and met one of my friends and her son at the Zoo. 

The boys playing at the playground. They are about six weeks apart. 

Later that night, Katie took over the bedtime routine. This is Fox's favorite book at the moment and my favorite part about her reading him stories, is that she always completely makes up the words based on the pictures. 

Saturday morning, we had Fox's Cake Smash Session. My mother in law Sandie, made this amazing "Cat in the Hat" Cake for Fox, I can't believe how talented she is and can't wait for his Birthday cake! 

After his nap he went to the "Junk in the Trunk" show, a local antique Show that takes place twice a year. 

Followed by dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my two Loves!

Sunday morning the grandparents stopped in for a quick visit.

In the afternoon we celebrated Cameron & Noah's First Birthday! The theme was "Rock n Roll" and they had a bunch of little kiddie pools, water tables and sprinklers set up, it was so much fun! 

This little pool was so fun! The birthday boy stayed in it the entire party, happy as can be! 

Can't wait for next weekend! 
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  1. I can't wait to see his cake smash pictures, I'm sure they will be as cute as all the other pictures you've been posting over the past year.
    I really want to do a cake smash, but it will have to be a DIY photoshoot as we simply don't have the money for a professional photographer.
    But first of all I will have to try and get my partner to agree, she thinks I'm trying to be 'American' and 'like the people I see on the internet' plus she thinks it's a waste of perfectly good cake ;-)

  2. You should do it if it's important to you, you will regret it if you won't. I would ask a friend or someone to help you though, it was very stressful and extra hands always help (one to wrangle the baby, one to take the pictures, one to make the baby smile)! It was messy, but I'm glad we did it! You can make your own cake with a plain old cake mix and frosting which won't cost much. Wish I was closer to help you!

  3. We went to junk in the trunk too! It was awesome... I wish we could go in September but we are in a friend's wedding (which we are excited for too...;)


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