May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend in Iphone pictures

We had such a busy and fun weekend! 
When I went to bed on Sunday night, I was thinking that I wish every weekend could be like the one we just had. Just spending time with my family and friends and of course with my favorite little boy!

Our friend Sandi gave Fox an early birthday present and signed him up for a Gymboree membership. We've been talking about getting one for such a long time and it was so sweet and generous of her. Our classes don't start until this week, but Fox and I took advantage of their open gym and checked it out on Friday after work. 

Afterwards, we met Katie's Family at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate Fox and my birthday (a week early, but Rodney and Nikki were going out of town for a wedding). 

Fox was such a ham at dinner. He knew he was being funny and making everyone laugh, so he just kept going. 

They even brought him a little birthday dessert...

 ...and sang Happy Birthday to him!

He was more interested in spooning the dessert out of the cup instead of eating it.

Saturday morning we got up really early to meet our photographer at a park to take Fox's 1-year pictures. We haven't seen them yet, but I will post when we get them. As usual, he was very serious, but I hope we got some smiles as well.

After the shoot, we immediately went to the Children's museum to get some of Fox's energy out! I've only been there once when he was about 4 months old, but he is at the perfect age now and loved it. He was so excited, he kept running around from room to room, laughing and flapping his arms in excitement! 


We bought a yearly membership since he had so much fun and so we'll have something to do when it's too hot this summer. 

When we got home for his nap, I had a surprise waiting for me in front of the door. Katie got these beautiful flowers for me to celebrate our first Mother's Day!

After Fox's nap, we went to Matthew's First Birthday party. 

The theme was Mickey Mouse and Kayleigh did such a great job decorating for the party!

The Birthday Boy with his smash cake!






Later that night, Katie and I sneaked out for a little anniversary (8 years!) date at Ruth Chris. Notice the photo

 Sunday morning, we met Katie's mom and her boyfriend for Mother's Day brunch, but forgot to take a picture!

Later that afternoon, Katie went to get a pedicure, so Fox and I went to the Children's Museum again, since we had so much fun the day before. 


This was probably his favorite thing to do!

We even ran into Fox's friend Presley!

 Making some pizzas

Afterwards we met the Joneses for dinner. 

Being a ham again


 I hope you all had a great weekend and Mother's Day as well!
We're counting down the days until next weekend! 
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