May 08, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 18

 Day 120
What? You're telling me I can't have only crunchies for dinner? This sucks!

Day 121
Another morning at the Zoo. 

Day 122
Cake Smash! Still waiting on the pictures...

Day 123
Happy Birthday Noah and Cam!

Day 124
We had a coupon for a free open play at a local baby gym. Fox had so much fun playing with all of their toys.

Day 125
Playtime with Matthias! He sent me this picture and I commented that those were his swim shorts, to which he replied that those were the only pants he had that "matched" the shirt. LOL...Boys! 

Day 126
 We met one of our friends at the splash pad, so much fun!
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