March 10, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 9

Day 57
I finally refinished Fox's old rocking chair that was sitting in our garage for months! Fox loves it and always tries to climb up on it and smiles so big when I sit him on it.  

Day 58
We bought a ball pit from a friend of ours and thought we had enough balls at home to fill it...turns out our ball pit is looking pretty pathetic so far, but Fox didn't mind. We'll get more balls this week! 

Day 59
Zoo Trip with some german friends. 

 Day 60
Getting a little better at this crawling gig.

 Day 61
It's time to baby proof, Fox is really getting into all kinds of drawers and cabinets now! He is so proud of himself!
Day 62
Proud Mama Moment...I taught him how to shake his head! He is very opinionated these days. 

Day 63
Katie hard at Work!

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  1. Cute pictures as always... here comes the home improvement question :) What tiles did you use for your fireplace? They look awesome!


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