January 10, 2019

November iPhone Dump

How is it January already? The holidays have flown by and our Christmas decorations are packed away. Is it wrong to already look forward to Fall and Pumpkin Patches?
Let's have a look back at our fun filled November first!
Fox had Grandparents Shabbat at school and Grandma Sandie surprised him, he was so happy!

Three besties, they are so crazy together!

We took the boys to the Hallmark Store to pick out their ornaments for the year. Fox picked out a Batman ornament for himself and a Lite Brite Ornament for Finn.

Park Playdate after we watched the Grinch with Kristy and Jake. Always a blast!

Morning Snuggles with this Cutie!

My Christmas village found a new home in my new office. It's always such a pain to unpack and pack back up, but I love it every single year and so does Fox (and literally every single child that comes over to our house).

I took the boys to the Aquarium and Legoland. Fox wanted me to take his picture and he posed like this all by himself.

Finn loved it too.

He was so funny. He never wants me to take his picture, but on this trip he was all about it!

Building some cars at Legoland.

They had a 4D Movie Theater at Legoland and I loved that Fox wanted to hold my hand during the movie.

He asked me to write him a letter and he told me exactly what to write:
"Dear Fox, I love you so much. You are a good kid and you're so nice. And you got two medals today. You always have fun and you love Paw Patrol and you love Mama and your superhero secret name is Black Blitze. Fox loves Mommy. Dear Mama"

We made a wishlist for Santa, his number one wish was a guitar.

Another fun Christmas outing with Kristy and Jake. We went to their neighborhood's annual cocoa walk and Christmas tree lighting.

I ruined his night, because I told him he couldn't run away from me. He told me he wasn't having any fun...haha.

Such a gorgeous night with friends!

Fox loves it when I put Finn in his bed in the morning to wake him up.

Kristy and I took the boys to our local Train Park.

The line to ride the train is always insane during Christmas Time. We had fast passes and were still waiting about 30 minutes, but it was well worth it.

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  1. That Christmas village is very impressive. I would display it every year too. I can imagine the joy it brings to others!

    You're not alone, I am ready for pumpkin patches and fall fun as well.


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