April 13, 2017

Family Ties

Family looks different for everyone and in our case, it not only involves two moms, five grandmas, four grandpas and a bunch of aunts and uncles, but also two hands full of half siblings scattered around the country, plus their sweet parents. 
I wrote about this before…we just love the relationship we have with these families, many that we never met before, but we're lucky enough to get to know three of them in person. 
My dream is that we all meet up once a year, when the kids are a little older, rent a cabin over the weekend and watch these incredible kids build their own relationships with each other. I already feel bad for Quinn though, who is the only girl in a bunch of boys! 
Last week we got a very special visit from Candice, who we’ve been Facebook friends with for the last 3.5 years, but never met in person. She is the mom of two of Fox’s half siblings and was visiting a friend in Phoenix, so we had her over for dinner one night. We were so sad that her kids didn’t travel with her, but we were excited to get to know her better and finally get to hug this woman, that we considered family for so long, but never got to meet. It’s such a special relationship and so hard to describe, but we think it’s amazing.

I loved watching her play with Fox and he warmed up really fast to her, although he thought her name was “Candy” for the first two hours she was there…ha!
We made tentative plans to all meet up in Disneyland next year, so that our kids can meet as well and I would love it if we could make this happen! 

I’m sure, as Fox grows older, he will have a lot of questions about the donor and although there is a lot of information and pictures we can show him, I feel like there is a lot we don’t know and that we will never be able to answer for him. I hope that having a relationship with his half siblings will somewhat fill that void and that he knows that there are many children in the same situation out there. 
I’m sure that the questions will start in the next few years, being in school made him realize that he doesn’t have a daddy, but he very confidently tells anyone that he has a Mama and a Mommy and a “Grandpa Daddy”…not sure where he got that from, but I thought it was cute! Grandpa is his favorite, if you haven’t noticed! 
Anyway, my wish for him is that he will grow up without feeling a void in his life, that he will know that he has two moms that love him to the moon and back and wanted him more than anything else!


  1. I can't believe Quinn and Tuck are half siblings! Now that I know I totally see it in Quinns face. Following The Berretts for a long time now. It's so crazy cool!

    Wish you all the best and I'm hoping for Fox and Quinn and Tucker (and of course all the others), that they are able to enjoy their special bond.

    1. That's funny that you know them! We love their family, Candice is so sweet and we hope to meet the kids soon!


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