April 01, 2017

Can't stand the cuteness!

You all know that I love pictures and you have probably noticed that we do a lot of mini sessions. I have been cutting back a lot since last year, because Fox started to hate it, but lately he has been really into it and keeps asking to go take pictures. Granted, the only reason he wants to take pictures, is that he knows that's about the only time he gets a lollipop, but I'll take it.

This was a new photographer to us and I couldn't love these pictures anymore if I tried. She was highly recommended to me by my best friend and I have been following her on Facebook for a while and loved her work. 
I usually have to hold my phone over the photographer's camera with a funny picture of Fox and Grandpa to make him smile, but for this shoot, I didn't even have to take my phone out. She was absolutely amazing with him. So funny and silly, I have used many photographers in the last three years and no one can measure up to what she did in those ten minutes we were with her. Fox absolutely loved her.

I mean, come on, how cute is this? I know, I'm biased, but seriously, we made one cute kid! :)

I love this one too!

The photographer had real baby chicks for this shoot.
The bad news is, that she specializes on babies 0-12 months old and only offers these mini sessions every once in a while. She told me, I just had to have another baby to see her more often. I told her, I'm working on it...ha!


  1. Fox is THE CUTEST! I love how many photoshoots you do with him, they're such great memories to have! Would you mind sharing the name of the photographer? I am looking around now for a newborn photog... I also want maternity pics, but am on the hunt for someone so if you know of anyone! ;)

    1. I know a few great ones, you can check them out on Facebook! For my next maternity pictures, I will use Brianna Anderson Photography, she also took our Christmas Pics last year. She is amazing! I also love the work of Cherise Kiel, my friend used her, but I personally haven't. For newborn pictures, I would recommend LaPrada Photography, she takes a lot of our pictures and is so sweet. These one were taken by Packer Family Photography, she was amazing! Hope this helps!

    2. This is beyond helpful thank you SO much! Brianna Anderson does amazing work! I never realized how expensive the maternity/newborn packages are :/ and I want digital images so I can post them on social media ;)

    3. Yes, she is expensive and she books fast, but so worth it. With Fox, we received newborn pictures as a gift and we hated the pictures and photographer. We should've hired someone else and re-take them, but we didn't and I will always regret that. Same with my maternity pictures. I'll never get them back. So next time, I will probably hire two photographers each for maternity and newborn pics, just to make sure...haha.

    4. Oh I'm sorry you weren't happy with your maternity or newborn photos! That is hard because you're right, you can't get them back. I'm glad you already know who you're using next time! I met with a photographer and we will take pics on 4/21! eeek! she will also do the newborn shoot :)


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