May 05, 2016

Soccer Star

Fox started playing soccer when he was 15 months old. We enrolled him in a weekly sports program and he has loved it ever since, so it was no surprise that we decided to throw him a Soccer Party for his second birthday. 

I wanted to put a picture of him playing soccer on the backside of his invitation, so one afternoon, we went to Katie's mom's house since she has the greenest grass in all of Arizona! ;)

Look at that concentration!

Katie and I are rarely able to take him to his classes because we work, but we heard from Hannah and some other friends who attend the same class that Fox is awesome at it and listens to "Coach Carlos" very well. 

"Soccer Stop" is his favorite! 

We got a german soccer jersey and had it screen printed on the back with his age and name.

I don't remember what happened here, but either he is taking a break or he is pouting because one of us scored the goal instead of him. Lots of pouting going on these days, so it wouldn't surprise me if that is what happened! :)

We chose this picture for the invitation, I love it! We also got a life sized cut out of it for his party, which you might have seen in my previous post. 

I love how much he loves soccer!

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