May 03, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 17

Day 113
This perfectly sums up Katie's and Fox's relationship. They are silly all day long and I love seeing them interact together. 

Day 114
We spent pretty much all day Appliance Shopping for our new Kitchen with this little guy. He had fun running around the store and pushing every button he could reach. 

Day 115
My whole world!

Day 116
Fox is obsessed with playing in our cars, especially "Mommy's Race car". 

Day 117
I always loved our neighborhood, but after I saw the three rainbow flags our neighbors put up, I love living here even more! One of the flags says "Born this Way" and the other one "#LoveWins".

Day 118
Someone is having a Soccer Birthday Party in a couple of weeks and preparations are in full swing! I think from here on out, I'll need a life-sized Fox cutout for every birthday!

Day 119
Hannah sent us this picture while we were at work. Little Man had a rough day!

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