May 01, 2016

Fox | 23 Month Update

It all started with a runny nose, a bad cough and a sleepless night, and quickly developed into an ear infection! His second one! Poor guy! The only reason we knew to take him to the doctor was, that he told Katie his ear hurt. Total game changer! He was so funny at the doctor. I don’t know why, but for whatever reason he loves going there. The doctor asked him if he wasn’t feeling good and Fox said “Yea….and tired!” We all cracked up, he said it in such a sad and exhausted tone, it came out of nowhere. He still talks about that visit and how the doctor is a nice guy and he loves to take his medication. 

Bubba, Turkey, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle

His favorite this month was grilled cheese! Being sick only made him pickier and he hasn’t been eating well, but we can still sneak his vegetables into smoothies and pouches. 
His new earlier bedtime (7:30) has been working like a charm and he has been sleeping longer in the mornings (6:30-7am, sometimes longer). We started waking him up after 90 minutes of nap, but since he got sick, we let him nap however long he wants to and he definitely needed it and luckily it hasn’t disrupted his nighttime sleep, so we’ll see if we go back to waking him up or not.
We still do the same nighttime routine, read books in our bed, brush teeth (which is a production in itself…one of us brushes while “finding Waldos and Wizards” in his mouth and pulling them out, while the other one catches said Waldos and Wizards and throws them in the basketball net! He loves it and lets us brush his teeth for a good amount of time, so it’s a fun little ritual), put him in bed and sing a couple of songs (this month’s favorites were ABC’s, the Batman Song and Wheels on the Bus (but we have to sing it super fast).

Just switched to size 5. We are starting potty training in May and hope it goes well! He pees and poops on the little potty every once in a while, but generally doesn’t like to sit on there.

24 months or 2T Shirts and 18 months pants, Size 6.5 Shoe 

He’s super shy in group settings and does not like a crowd. He never wants to leave the house, but once we get to our destination, he has fun. The other day, I told him we are going to his friend’s birthday party and there will be cake and toys and he started crying, saying “No Birthday, go home”. It broke my heart to see him scared like this, but once we got to the party, he ditched me and went off playing and had fun. We always try to reassure him, but I don’t know what else to do. 
He knows where people live and will tell us when we drive around, i.e. where his swim school is, where his buddy Grayson lives, where our office is (he calls it Mommy’s Arbeitshaus (Arbeit is german and means work and Haus means House) and when we are in our neighborhood. He also remembers other places, like where the splash pad is, when we pass Costco, he will yell “Costco” and he can spot a Playground from 3 miles away! ;)
He is very empathetic and kisses boo boo’s and wants his boo boo’s kissed or blown on.

My favorite words and sentences this month:
  • No like it
  • Help you
  • Says Good Job when he approves of something he does
  • Take a breather
  • Soxy Leine (for Fox alleine, meaning Fox does it himself in German)
  • No Mama, No Hannah (all day, every day…usually followed by Soxy Leine or No like it)
  • Get your act together (Thanks Katie)
  • What the Heck (Thanks again, Katie)
  • Cosie did that
  • Me too
  • Holy cow (yep, that was Katie again)
  • Mommy, be quiet (he will tell me to be quiet every time I sing…LOL)
  • Carry you (meaning carry me)
  • Yeehaw
  • Mama try it
  • Oh Goodness
A few other things I want to remember:
  • A bigger child asked him at the playground what his name was, and he said “Soxy”. Obviously, the other child didn’t understand him and kept asking “What?” Fox kept yelling “Sox” or “Soxy” and eventually got so frustrated that he yelled “Soxy Jones”! I cracked up.
  • He calls everything “Eat dinner”, no matter what time of day or what meal it is, besides snack time
  • Instead of referring to himself in the third person, he now started to say “me” and “mine”. He especially loves to say “mine” when he is trying to get something that someone else has
  • Says Please and thank you all the time and it’s about the cutest thing I ever heard.
  • He follows every activity with the word “time”, in example: Dinner Time, Play Time, Snack Time, Book Time, Milk Time, the other day he was playing with a caterpillar and he said “Caterpillar Time”. Haha
  • He says “I love you” unprompted (melts my heart), the other night we were having dinner and he leaned over to me to cuddle and said “I love you”. Best Moment ever!
  • He keeps telling Katie and me that there is a guy on the ceiling on top of our bed. He has said it multiple times and always points to the same area above our bed. Ummm…creepy!

Being outside, bigger kids, baths in his mommies bath tub (with colors and bubbles), being the center of attention, watching videos of himself, playing hide and seek, playing soccer, baseball and basketball, being independent, balls, riding those mechanical cars in the mall, climbing, playing Mini Golf and Hockey, Carousels, the Zoo, Gymboree, watching Sofia the First or Barney, Soccer Class, reading books in Mama’s bed, his bounce house, stuffed animals, Stickers, playgrounds, Michael Jordan videos (because every time he plays basketball Katie calls him Michael Jordan and cheers him on!), eating meals at the big table on a booster seat (we retired the high chair this month), blankets (he always wants to be covered in a blanket when we read books and he drinks his milk, no matter how hot it is)

Putting lotion on after his bath, when we don’t allow him to do something, when we go inside after playing outside, trying new foods, when someone he loves gets hurt, diaper changes, long car rides, washing his hair, going anywhere that is not home
Fun things we did:
Swim Class (still loves it), Soccer Class and Gymboree. We celebrated his second Easter, hunted for eggs and colored them and went to a couple of Easter Events. We also had a lot of Playdates with friends this month, went to the Zoo a few times and saw Disney on Ice (he was mesmerized and yelled “More” during Intermission.  

What we’re looking forward to:
We have a quick trip to Mexico planned and are looking forward to taking Fox to the beach again!
We are also looking forward to celebrating his SECOND birthday with all of his family and friends! We are having a Soccer Party this year (It’s being held at the Sports Facility where he plays soccer every week) and preparations are in full swing!

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