April 02, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 12

Day 78
Fox told me he wanted to "ride" the dog! :)

Day 79
We met with some friends and had a small Easter Egg Hunt for the Boys. 

Day 80
Fox's Second Hair Cut! He did awesome and will tell everyone who asks him about it, that he watched Mickey Mouse at the hair salon. 

Day 81
A Visit to the Easter Bunny! What a difference a year makes!

Day 82
We met with our friends at the Splash Pad and while it was a little chilly that day, Fox had a blast running back and forth through the water!

Day 83
My friend Alison visited us with her kids, I used to babysit these two when there were much younger!

Day 84
Fox hasn't been napping this week and fell asleep in the car. He made sure he finished his cracker while falling asleep though...ha! 

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