March 07, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 9

Day 57
Fox and Hannah spent the afternoon at the splash pad while Katie and I had to work!

Day 58
My friend Lindsi and I took the boys to the Zoo!

Day 59
Family Day at the Park! We found this awesome Park/Playground about 25 minutes from our house, they have a train, waterfalls, an amazing playground and splash pad, a lake, skateboard ramps, a pool, and all kinds of sport courts. It's really cool, and I wish we'd live closer!

Day 60
Fox loves to give treats to our dog Cosie. It's their daily ritual. He's also in charge of giving him food and actually notices when Cosie is out of food and knows where to get more!

Day 61
We met our friends at the park and these two were so sweet holding hands on the way to the car!

Day 62
Home Show Week! This was my view at work one morning, so pretty!

Day 63
This kid stole my heart!
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