March 01, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 8

Day 50
"Mama, stop taking pictures of me and let's go swimming!"
And yes, he has another fat lip, courtesy of the side walk at the Zoo. Poor guy!

Day 51
We had family pictures taken that day and Fox spotted the playground from far away and kept asking for it during the entire photo shoot! He was so happy when it was finally time to play!

Day 52
Have you ever heard of Escape the Room? They basically lock you into a room for one hour and you have to find clues in order to try to unlock the doors. It was a really fun afternoon and we escaped with three minutes to spare! We can't wait to go back and try another room!

Day 53
We met for dinner after work at this cute little place close to our house and Fox had a lot of fun playing corn hole. Every time Katie scored a goal, he yelled "whoa" and made this face!

Day 54
We pick up Katie from work almost every day and Fox walks around the office like he owns the place. He requests to color, stamp, use the calculator, steal Ashlie's chap stick and play with the fake flowers that we have in the front. 

Day 55
Our friend Kristy invited us to dinner at the Golf Club near her house. It was so beautiful, the boys could play and run on the golf course while we waited for dinner and they even had a corn hole game. It was a great night!

Day 56
Aunt Ashlie asked if she could take Fox to Toys R Us to buy some toys after work one day. Spoiled much? ;) This is one of the pictures she sent...I was sure he was going to come home with this (but luckily he didn't!). 
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