February 07, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 4

Day 22
We packed up for a short weekend trip to San Diego with the family!

Day 23
Sea World! What a great day we had! (Post to come)

Day 24
Road trips with Mr. Fox are always an adventure! We tried to pass the time by throwing balls at Minnie Mouse. Gotta do what you have to do...

Day 25
Fox and his buddy Jake gave their mommies a private concert!

Day 26
This kid has no fear! NO FEAR whatsoever! He loves his jump house and jumped off the slide approximately 326 times. I love to see such joy in his face!

Day 27
He calls himself "Socks", because he can't quite pronounce the letter "F" yet. It's the funniest thing! I also love how he gives me attitude about saying his name wrong! My silly guy!

Day 28
Okay, this is literally the best toy we ever bought. Fox never sits still for longer than five minutes, but he would just sit there and sort his colors forever! Best 20 bucks I spent in a long time!
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  1. Ich finde es super, das Fox in einem Reboarder sitzt. Beide Daumen hoch :-)


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