November 01, 2015

Fair Fun

Last week, Matthias' Family was visiting from Denmark and they joined us in visiting the Arizona State Fair. While we are not huge fans of the fair here in Arizona, we always get free tickets through work because we hold our Shows at the same facility, so we usually go every year to check it out.


What we didn't know was, that Fox was still too little to ride any of the carnival rides, they wouldn't even allow us to put him on our laps, which was very surprising to me, because we just returned from Disneyland where he could ride tons of attractions! 

But we knew that he would love to look at the animals and all the lights at night...and we were right, he loved it all! 


He just kept staring in awe and pointing! 

 While our trip was short and sweet, we enjoyed spending some time as a family and to get to know Matthias' family better as well! 
We can't wait for next year, when Mr. Fox is (hopefully) tall enough to ride the rides!
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