November 03, 2015

Chucky and his Brides

No one believed me when I said that I was going to dress up Fox as Chucky for Halloween! You are either going to hate or love this. Some people told me I was scarring my baby for life. Personally, I figured he won't wear anything different than usual, has no clue who Chucky is, and this might be one of my last chances to pick a costume for him. If we're lucky, we might have another shot next year, before it'll be five years or more of Superheroes! Nothing wrong with Superheroes, but I'm sure we'll get enough of that in the future! 

So here he is, my little Chucky! 

Having that doll in my house creeped me out big time, but Fox liked her, carried her around and gave her hugs. 

I made his costume and I also made a big mental note to myself to never do that again. Ha! I probably started to look for a shirt that resembled the Chucky shirt back in August and was not successful. It was impossible to find one online that was this small, so I decided to paint it myself. 
After I spent about a week doing that, it was time to finish the pants. When you buy pants for Halloween in August, your kid might outgrow them until October, which is exactly what happened. 
So here I was, one week from Halloween and no sewing skills whatsoever, but somehow I managed to extend his pants and get them colored just in time. Phew!

My costume consisted of a dress I already had and a $4 leather jacket and $3 boots that I found at Goodwill. The tulle was supposed to go under my skirt, but I decided last minute to make myself a vail instead. 

The scars on Fox's face were tattoos I found on Clearance, but a pain to get off. He also sported some red hair for a few days after, that stuff did not want to come out! 

We had a great Halloween and hope you did too!
Details and Pictures from Fox's Halloween Party and first Trick or Treating to come! 
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