October 16, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 40

Day 274
A boy and his Teddy. 

Day 275
We had a beautiful rainbow over our house, which is hard to see in this picture, but obviously Fox is the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow! ;)

Day 276
Home Show Week! We had Chris Lambton at our Show, he has his own Show on HGTV called "Yard Crashers" and was also on a season of the Bachelorette (Ashlie's and my favorite Show!). He was a really nice and personable guy! 

Day 277
Fox came to visit us at the Show with Matthias. This little rolly thing is a device to measure booth spaces at the Show and Fox always plays with it at the office, but it was funny to see him with it at the Show. We're starting him early! 

Day 278
Family Birthday Dinner for Katie at Ruth Chris (her favorite!)!

Day 279
Halloween Bunco Night, fun as always!

Day 280
I started making this plate like a month ago and was almost done with it, when our cleaning lady decided it needed to get "dusted" and wiped all of Fox's foot prints away. She felt really bad about it, but there was no saving it, we had to start over. I was so glad when it was done and now I burned it in the oven and the paint is permanent, so she can dust it all day long! ;)
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