September 14, 2015

Soccer Lessons

While we were in Germany, Fox played a lot of soccer with my little brother Maurice. Everyone commented on how good he was (although they might be biased like me), so when we returned from our trip, Katie enrolled him into some soccer classes. The class starts at 18 months, but we called them and asked if Fox can join early (at 15 months) and they said he could, if he is able to follow directions well (yea right!). 

Matthias takes him every Tuesday to his class, but when Katie had to use some of her leftover vacation days, she joined them one week to check it out. 

She said he was being a little shy (which is not unusual for him in group settings), but he loves it. 



Two of Fox's friends are in the same class as well, so fun!









We're definitely going to enroll him into the fall session as well, where another one of his baby friends will join him. I wish I could take him to his class every once in a while, but I'm glad he is having so much fun with Matthias while we're at work! 

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