November 06, 2014

Fox | 25 weeks

25 weeks old!

Fox invited a few of his friends over on Halloween! His Mama wasn't thinking about the fact that it is still way too hot at the end of October when she ordered his lobster costume, so he wore his skeleton outfit instead.   
We love his friend Jake and his Mama Kristy. They look about the same size, but Jake is about 6 weeks younger than Fox. 

These two almost shared a birthday, Cameron is 5 days younger than Fox and they are so cute together!  Starting in December, Cameron will share his nanny with us and Fox will be going over to his house for about 4 hours each day (or Cameron and the nanny will come over to us), so I can get some work done without my little sidekick. These two will have so much fun (and get in so much trouble together!)!

All of the Mamas with their babies! I'm so glad to have found this group!

Later that night, we got our first trick or treaters ever, which was very exciting for me! We used to live in a gated community and never had this new neighborhood however, we had so many kids, that we ran out of candy! 
Well, it might have something to do with this little guy, who was doing a little taste test!


Not a fan of the kit kat's!



Last weekend, my dad, his girlfriend and her daughter flew in from Germany for a short visit with us. 
We went to Oldtown Scottsdale for a little bit and then headed back home where we barbecued with Katie's family!



Being loved on by so many grandparents sure is exhausting!


  1. Hallo Nadine :) habe deinen Blog in den letzten Tagen von Anfang bis zum heutigen Tag gelesen und finde ihn großartig! Meine Geschichte ist ähnlich wie deine, ich war Au Pair in den USA von 2011-2012 und hab dieses Jahr das erste Mal bei der GC Lottery mitgemacht und hoffe nun auf gute Nachrichten nächsten Mai um dann in 1-2 Jahren auszuwandern. Ich hoffe du bleibst so eine fleißige Bloggerin, so dass ich deine Geschichte weiter mitverfolgen kann!
    Alles Gute für euch alle,
    Anna :)

    1. Vielen Dank! Wow, da hattest du ja was was zu tun! ;) Ich wuensche dir, dass du genauso viel Glueck bei der Lotterie hast wie ich damals! Es war die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens und ich kann mir heute nicht mehr vorstellen, wieder in Deutschland zu leben!


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