October 06, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 39

Day 267
Lunch Date with Mommy at her favorite place (Jimmy Johns)

Day 268
Katie was interviewed by the local news station about our Home Show!

Day 269
Work Peeps Selfie in our car after the Show!

Day 270
This was the first day I had to leave Fox for an entire day with someone else. I had a really hard time leaving him and was dreading this day for a long time. And yes, I might have cried my eyes out on multiple occasions in anticipation of this day. Obviously, Mama was the only one having a hard time, as you can see, Fox had a blast with grandma and his new jeep she got for him!

Day 271
1,000 year flood on the day of our Home Show, state called an emergency shut down of the show and the whole place flooded. This picture doesn't even begin to show the damage, full 40ft tents were destroyed, BBQ's picked up and moved by 82mph wind and the 300ft banner in the background was ripped to shreds. Interesting day for sure!

Day 272

Day 273
Fox is helping with some laundry!
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