October 08, 2014

Fox's First Trip to Mexico!

It's Katie's birthday week (let me re-phrase that, she likes to call it her birthday month!) and we decided to take a quick trip to her grandparent's house in Mexico. 
I was really nervous about surviving the 4.5 hour car ride with Fox, but he did awesome, even though he only slept for about 1.5 hours. We made a short stop at the half way point to nurse, stretch our legs and change his diaper. 
We took Zuma with us, because it's nearly impossible to find a sitter for him that is willing to give him 5 pills a day at specific times, Cosie stayed with Katie's brother.

Unfortunately, it was super hot and humid at our destination which never changed during our three day stay, which meant that most of our time was spent indoors, because Fox gets a rash from the heat faster than you can say heat rash!
He was pretty unimpressed by the sand, water, waves and new sounds and smells, but I didn't have any expectations to begin with. 

Katie's grandma has a artificial palm tree that has christmas lights on them and seeing Fox's reaction to it when we lit it, made us really excited for Christmas time.

Luckily we were able to take him out during sunset and very early in the morning, when it was much cooler!

See that yawn? Yea, that's what happens, when Big Honey decides that sleep is totally overrated and keep his mommies awake all night long! 
I don't know what it was, the unfamiliar environment or the fact that it was a sauna in our room (we didn't have air conditioning in there), but he was up every single hour, all three nights we were there. It was awful! We tried everything to calm him down and eventually surrendered the third night and put him in my bed at 3am which is where he slept soundly until 7am! That kid! 
Thankfully, once we were home, everything returned to normal immediately and he has been sleeping great since! 

Look at these chubby legs!

We'll return to Mexico for Thanksgiving, this time with the whole family and we're excited for cooler temperatures and hopefully better nights! :)

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