August 13, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 32

Day 218
Selfie with my favorite dude

Day 219
I love his sweet little voice

Day 220
Another day, same picture. I was trying to get him to sleep, but this week has been a shit show around here, apparently Fox is too cool for naps. This kid loves his blanket and his fingers!

Day 221
"Test-driving" some jumperoos and excersaucers at the store, he loved it and Mommy bought him his favorite (spoiled kid...ha!). 

Day 222
Grandpa Rodney finally returned from his 2-month vacation and we went over there to have pizza with him and Nikki. 

Day 223
Music Class with Mommy and Aunt Ash

Day 224
This is what happens when he plays on the floor in my office...but of course, naps only last about 20 minutes around here...ha!
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